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String building wax

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Who makes the stickiest string wax?  Just got a couple spools of Brownells B50 and it's unwaxed.  I tried my usual stuff and it's just not sticky enough.

I have my own that I've been using for many years.  The string builder's wax from 3 Rivers is pretty good also.

Do you make your own?  If so, would you share the recipe?

Pat B:
Some folks use a wax toilet ring for string wax. Makes pretty good string wax and you'll have a lifetime supply.

I made my own string wax,I melted down 1/2 pound of bee's wax with a 1/2 toilet ring wax and poured in little paper cups.It made a good bit of wax,great for string making and just plain waxing strings.There are many different formulas that will work,this is what I did.


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