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2022 MTAR

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Joe Jewett:

Friday evening: Jewett Family
Saturday breakfast: Marion
Saturday mid-day: Smith Family
Saturday evening: Greg & Tod
Sunday brunch: Shane

Joe Jewett:
This property does not have an address. The closest thing is the Macville Cemetery. 60700 US Hwy 169, Hill City MN. The cemetery is on the EAST side of Hwy 169. My property is on the WEST side of the hwy. The driveway will be marked.

Won’t know till last minute if I can make it. Brother might need me. Cancer sucks!!!

Joe, have you got an idea of how many people are coming?   Trying to figure on how much pork I need to buy so I can mix up Brat Patties beforehand.

Joe Jewett:
Greg, what you see above is all that have committed to being there so far. There may be a few locals who show up.


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