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2021 MTAR

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tod becker:
FYI, at this time I am planning on having the MTAR at my place this year by Mankato unless something changes. I have 40 acres and room for camping and archery games. Early august some time.
Tod Becker.

Cool.  Got my both Covid shots so hope to make it this year.

Joe Jewett:
I'll try to make it.

tod becker:
I am looking at 13-14 august. This years agenda
Sling shot shoot out. - How has the trophy?
Clay pigeon speed shoot
Short 3D Course
Axe throw-bring any thing you have. (knives, stars, axe...
Milk jug shoot.
Fire and smart talk

If you see anyone let them know. I don't want to miss anyone.

It’s on the calendar!


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