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Anyone want to start listing some Minnesota area shoots?  Ideally traditional shoots but honestly, anything to get on the calendar. I think everyone could use some light at the end of the tunnel.  My brother is in charge of a really good shoot in northwestern minnesota that they put on usually about the third weekend in April and another one about the second weekend in August.  Really beautiful landscape and realistic shot opportunities.  There is also the traditional shoot at Coon Rapids in June.  Not sure if that one is going to be held as normal this year or not but it's usually a good shoot.  Any others to add to the list?  I know there are plenty that I'm not aware of. 

June 19th and 20th Rapids Archery is having their Traditional shoot this year.

Owatonna has a trad shoot scheduled for July 10. 20 Rifle and Pistol club is the hosting party.

My range, South 40 Archers, will have shoots throughout the summer starting I think in May/June. They’re not trad only but are a good time nonetheless. Dates will be posted to their website later on.

I did go to one of the South Forty shoots last summer.  It's a pretty nice course.  Must be a pretty active membership. 

I want to say there’s around 200 or so members annually? There’s a lack of courses here in the Cities too, at least that’s been my experience. Dates are officially posted so mark your calendars!

May 15-16
June 12-13
July 10-11   
August 14-15
September 11-12


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