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tod becker:
So my question is how to notify trad shooters in MN of what is happening like shoots, the rabbit hunt and the continuing august get together. I am putting together a list of the shooters I know to let them know. I am thinking about making a traditional bowhunters of MN face book page. some people don't have face book so I am working on a phone number text list that I can push stuff out on. thoughts.

tod becker:
Eleven views but no replies? I guess this is where you would like the info to go?

Gregory P. Pearson:
Not sure what's the best way to go Todd?  I check in here, but maybe not as often as I should. I hadn't checked for awhile and forgot/missed MTAR. An e-mail list would be nice for you to spread the word about "stuff", but it all is work for you/some one.  Ask for e-mail addresses here and maybe on the *********** if it's allowed and on TAS?  Seems like us Minnesota bowhunters/archers are a hard bunch to keep organized and active. 

I’ll be danged my trade gang account works on the phone but not on the PC for some reason. Right here is where I would prefer. How do you and I exchange phone numbers Tod?  Still in shock here. Mike.

Joe Jewett:
I don't do Facebook but I do check in here a couple times a week.


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