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Rapids Traditional Shoot

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That cancellation post was from lasts years shoot I do believe.    Doesn't look like I'll make it this year.

THIS YEARS SHOOT 2021 IS ON  :thumbsup:

Yea the thread was started last year but folks kept adding to it so I suppose no one started a new thread.

2021 is a go at Rapids, someone continued last years thread. So sorry for the confusion. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  :archer2:

What a great shoot! Three loops were set up great. Lot of fun today.

Thanks for all the hard work folks!    :clapper:  I had not shot more than one loop of 20 in 4 years.  This past weekend I was able to get the whole 60 targets 3 loops done for a score, plus I was able to do another 60 targets.  The set up with the shadows and light was playing tricks with the minds eye, made it all the more fun.   :thumbsup:  Even with the light rain yesterday it was worth getting out and flinging some arrows.  :archer2:


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