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Vendors vary from year to year I think we have the following confirmed for this year:

 The Footed Shaft, Kota Bows, Mn Trappers Association, White Feather Forge, Trad Archers World Magazine, and Butch.

Terry will likely have his trailer/shop out behind the building as usual. Tim and his spouse are always top notch.  Tim makes great bows and ask him how his Texas trip was this year.  MN Trappers Association has been coming on and off over the years--wonder if they will have any furs for sale?  White Feather Forge makes very nice knives, sharp as all get out. Trad Archers World will likely have a box load of stories for sure.....and just what the heck is Butch gonna sell this year????   After decades of shooting, hunting, testing, perhaps it's time to empty the basement and garage???  Sure to be interesting??   :campfire:

Could be more vendors as the day's get closer.  With Covid fluctuations ,  vaccinations, all the events of the past year plus it will be nice to see old friends, make some new ones and carry on our traditions, keep shooting till we can't no more, and spend some time, together.  :archer:

Change is a certainty but watching the arrow fly straight unto it's mark never gets old.... :archer2:

Right on! I’ve got the shoot penciled in my calendar and am looking forward to it.

Gregory P. Pearson:
This year's dates would be June 19 & 20 I would assume, it's Father's Day week-end again?  The opening post is from last year 2020. There will be a big empty spot with out Chad and his bows this year!

Well I heard last night there are a few more vendors but I don't know whom.   So about 10 or 11 right now.  Nice to see people able and willing to attend the shoot.  I'm sure lots of folks are itching to get out and about.

tod becker:
I'm a little confused. Fallguy says the shoot has been canceled.


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