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Hi Guys just wanted to post the dates for the Rapids Trad Shoot this year, it is June 20 & 21. Please spread the word, some of the organizers for this years shot decided to skip advertising in Traditional Bowhunter magazine. By the time the rest of us caught it , it was to late.This is going to be our 30th year so we are trying to thing of things to do to make it special. I know many of you have come for years so feel free to post you ideas if you have one. Thanks and see you on Father's Day weekend.

This is about 2 miles from me. I cant seem to find a whole lot of info on it yet. Their page says see next pages for more info but i dont see any other pages.

Sammy is working on those pages. Are there any questions I can answer for you?

Yes, if you dont mind. Im new to this. Do i need to be a member of Rapids Archery to participate in this event? Also, what are the requirements to enter into this event besides what is already listed on Rapids page.
Thank You.

You do not need to be a member. We have  3 different Classes recurve, longbow and self bow. There 60 targets total 3 loop of 20 targets. Since you are close to to the range we are still shooting our Winter indoor traditional league on Sunday nights until 3/29/20. People start showing up about 5:00 pm and shooting starts at 5:30. Stop over and join the fun.


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