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--- Quote ---Originally posted by KentuckyTJ:
Great buck and one of the very finest hero shots I have ever seen! Top shelf congrats Brother!
--- End quote ---
Thanks Kentucky, I learned by listening to those who are in the business of writing about/promoting bowhunting, like TJ Conrads & Don Thomas ~ each of which who've written much on the subject over the years.  

Taking quality field photos isn't something you rush thru either...for quality shots we should consider:

-  the background (in the wild is best)
-  clean the animal & mouth area of blood
-  stick its tongue back in
-  plenty of light & flash - even during daytime (which I forgot this time)
-  photographer kneels & sits for various shots
-  and from different/multiple positions
-  takes LOTS of photos ("film" is cheap these days given digital cameras)
-  get close to the subject, minimize the scenery

Those are the top tips I consider.  Of course, practicing helps too, but getting those photo sessions creates a whole bunch of other discussions, dosen't it!     :jumper:

Jerry Jeffer:
Nice buck, congrats!

Great Buck. Congrats!


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