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It's official, Mr. Rob DiStefano is....Story and pics page 4

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Congrats  :thumbsup:

Irish Archer:
Congrats to you!  :bigsmyl:

ken denton:
These two guys are my Trad Gang "HEROES". Thanks guys for the story and a good photo of Rob with Terry. I can now identify Rob if I meet him in the forest. There are several more Trad Gang heroes I have but I am not naming names at this time. Ken

Mike Mecredy:
Way to go Rob.

Great job, great pics, and a great story Rob! Great to see you adding hog mojo to the Mohawk! You and Terry working together to make it happen makes it even better.  That's the kind of story that makes hog hunting so special!  Congrats!!!

Ray's sure is one fantastic place to hunt. Even when the hogs are hiding, there's always something wild going on around you.

That's funny about the rabbit.  When we were down a few weeks ago, I had one that would not get out of my way either.  He would wait on me to get a few feet from him, then hop ahead about 10 yards and wait for me to catch up again.


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