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Rob DiStefano:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by tim roberts:
Sweet!!!  Nice story, thems Eagles Flight Quivers are sure nice, but after them first 2 arrows are gone it can get one to be wonderin'!!!
--- End quote ---
actually, i had three arrows left - lost the first one shot at the hog, found the second and resharped the woodsman on the spot with a 6" grobet and a dmt dual diamond hone.  

however, we never found the arrow that killed the hog.

usually i carry 4 broadheads in the eagles flight, and piggy back a 5th with a judo.  in my ditty bag i carry 2 sharpened woodsmans, each sheathed in leather hoods i made - so it's easy enuf to swap out the judo for a 5th broadhead.

i love the efficient simplicity of an ultralight bow quiver.

Great looking pig, Rob and the perfect size for the pit!  Great shot too...dang near perfect!   :thumbsup:    :clapper:  


Bob Walker:
Dang, don't know how I missed this one....CONGRATS ROB on a job well done!!
Great story telling, too!

  :clapper:    :clapper:    :clapper:

Congrats Rob, That is a Great first Piggy You got.

1 down, 1,000,000 more to go.

Big Ed:
Very nice,Congrats


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