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Paul Schafer-MORE memories!

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Thanks, 'preciate it
The Prarrie Dog

Thanks Paul.....wish I could have known him

Texas Tinman:
I have read this many times before on the tribute pages to the Silvertip website, but I just re-read the whole thing again anyway.

It's only through the words of guys that had the pleasure of knowing and hunting with the man you called, "Schafe", that we who didn't get to learn a little about who he was, what he did, and what he stood for.

You guys should all get together and hunt for a few months and write the book. Not for him or for yourselves...but for us and for bowhunting.

Thanks again for sharing with us.

THANKS PAUL!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing some of the stories about Paul Schafer.  I sure enjoy reading about him as I am sure many others do also!


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