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I would think there is enough info, stories, pictires, etc. on Paul for someone (you know who) to write a biogrophy of sorts... say funded by The Montana's Bowhunter society with portons of the proceeds going to his son.

8th Dwarf:
Archery Elk, The Dream Hunt should be available from Stoneywolf Video productions in Minneapolis.  They have a web site, so do a search and you will find them.  Ebay will probably have some, too, although not all the time.

Dan, you don't know but about 2% of it!  This man tried to keep his name OUT of the public eye and was ten times the hunter SOME OTHERS who seek notoriety will EVER be!  Maybe we will get that book done...then some of the incredible stories will come out for all bowhunter to read.

Too Short

Thanks Too Short, for sharing the memories.


Paul WA:
Too F Short, thanks for shedding some light on someone a bunch of us have only heard of but never had the oppotuninty to meet...PR


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