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Hey everyone I'v talked the guys in Hillsville Va that run Foggy Mnt. 3-D range into having a trad.only shoot. They have a really nice range and plenty of room for primitve camping. Im hoping he will have an open weekend in April but I'll let everyone know. It will be a 2 day shoot, and you can shoot either day. He has 30 targets and it's a really nice coarse that is laid out with easy walking. So plan on joining us for a nice weekend. The range is only 5 min from I-77 just off Rt. 220 in Hillsville Va. I'll get back to ya with more details. Thanks

Sounds good let us know, thats only about an hour and a half from the house. Steve.

My son and I are in depending on the dates. May can get the guys from Meadowview to come up also.

Sounds Good. !!!  Hope I can make it.  :readit:    :wavey:

Hey guys It looks like the 1st annual Foggy Mnt.Traditional shoot is set for May 31-Jun 1. I hope everyone can make it. Directions to the range are posted on just click on foggy mnt. 3-D if you have any questions feel free to ask. If you want come on over and shoot the coarse at one of their regular shoots. see ya later.


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