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thanks to everyone on the squirrel hunt

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Just wanted to thank tom for having me as a guest at a wonderful place to hunt. Ron for the awsome cooking. And all of the guys for a wonderful day. Look forward to shooting some more arrows with you guys again in the future.                                                        thanks again

Hey Chris, I enjoyed getting to meet you and look forward to our next shoot. Glad you enjoyed the food.
  I would also like to thank Tom and the other Chris for the opportunity to hunt there.  :bigsmyl:    

  Mac and Adam, I enjoyed it guys.  :thumbsup:   Hope to see you all again for some more shooting SOON.!!!


Chis says "you're welcome and we hope to do it again.
 Ron, thaks for the grat chow and sorry my veggies were so damned overcooked-next year no precooking.
 Chris, enjoyed meeting you.
 Mac, don't stay in the shadows-enjoyed meeting you also.

Mac Hicks:
Thanks guys for a great outing. I really enjoyed getting together with all of you and look forward to doing it again sometime.  -Mac

UK Bowman:
It was a lot of fun. When is the next shoot?


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