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Looking for someone to shoot with

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I live in the wytheville area and was looking for someone to shoot with 3-d, stumping or just in the back yard. 276-637-0072 thanks Alan


We have a fairly large group of traditional archers here in the Roanoke Valley.  The Roanoke Valley Traditional Bowmen get together once a month or so to eat something burned on the grill and see who can loose the most arrows. We have 40 members in this group at this time.

Sherwood archers in Roanoke is a real nice facility and we have probably about 20 members who are traditional out there. There is something going on out there a couple weekends each month.

Lots of traditional arrows in the air around Roanoke now a days. Give me a shout if you want more info. We are probably about 1 1/2 hours from you so it would be inconvienant to come up for a quick shoot.  Some of the all day affairs might interest you though.

On January 19th and again on February 16th we are going to start the day off with an outdoor 3-D from 8:00-2:00.  Then have a casual indoor shoot from 1:00-5:00 and an indoor Vegas shoot that night at 6:00. The kitchen will be open all day and we will have a fire in the stove. Should be a good group of guys out there to hang out with and plenty of shooting.

Thanks I'll check that out. I'v been to Sherwood before I shot a state 3-D there a few years back.

Alan I'm in Martinsville but shoots some 3-D's in Meadows of Dan at Little Mountain Archery Club. I think they start up again in February. The shoots are every other Sunday.

Yeah I shoot little mountain some


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