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Happy New Year -->2008'


Dave Stein:
Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year from Europe. I can say that there is not much difference between 1159 (2007) and 0001 (2008). Therefore, in keeping with style of Nostradamus’s predictions...

(1)   I predict that it will be dark and cold where you are when the clock strikes midnight.

(2)   The sun will rise sometime in the morning.

Last but not least,

(3)   Deer season is almost over. (This is the painful one)

OK one more,

(4)   Someone will save me some venison jerky. (Hopefully)


Happy New Year Dave!

Your 1,2 and 3 are likely right on.  I'll cross my fingers for your number 4.

Stay Safe and join us again in 2008!

happy new year to you

UK Bowman:
All the best Dave

Hope to meet up with you this year at some of the shoots.
 I am planning a Trad shoot tagalong with a more compound oriented 3d at BOR this May, hope you can make it.


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