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Deer 1, Jack 0

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Its just too Damn HOT. We saw some deer Saturday A.M. but nothing after 9:30 but squirrels. Give em another go Monday. Best of luck to you guys.

Sheesh, I got a dose of chiggers just scoutin'; too hot for me.  Though I once snuck up on a little forkie in his bed at 2 in the afternoon on one of these steamy days...he never knew I was there; too busy panting...

OK Jack, I'm taking a page from your playbook.  I hung a treestand 55 yards from the house late this morning hoping to catch them under a white oak one evening.  We'll see, you'll either be my hero or my scapegoat   :)  

I'm waiting for your next update.  I hope today was a good day for you.

As for it being too hot, I went out at mid-day to move an edge stand into a honey hole.  I figured the mid day dry wind could help cover my activity among the oaks.  I didn't move the stand because there was a big doe eating acorns under it at 1:15, in the sun.  I let her be and came home to get my bow...

Jack Denbow:
The ground blind I mentioned earlier is also only about 75 yds from the house in the opposite direction. I hunted it this morning and saw nothing, I think the wind was the reason. Tie game this morning. This evening I went to a farm over in Loudoun County. When I hung this stand 10 days ago I knew it would be a hot one. I passed a button buck at 7 yds., had another button and a 4-6 pt. coming but the wind betrayed me. Deer 3, Jack 0.

Jack, you were almost my hero.  I sat in my "yard deer" stand yesterday evening.  I saw 7 fawns, 6 does and 5 bucks.  Many were within range but behind branches and such, including the big guy.  I didn't go out 'til 5:00 due to the heat but the deer were already out in the neighbors pasture.

I was out this evening in the honey hole that I mentioned yesterday and it almost worked.  I saw plenty, including 5 different bucks, but no shots materialized.  Deer 4, Duane 0.


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