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Deer 1, Jack 0

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Jack Denbow:
I have a stand about 60 yds from the basement door. I have been watching deer feeding on acorns under the stand for a couple of weeks now and have been feeling real good about opening day. I was sitting in the stand and about 7:00 I thought I would stand and watch behind the stand for awhile. While I was standing there I heard something and looked around to see 4 deer running away about 20 yards from the stand. They must have seen me move or something. They tried to circle around to see what had spooked them but finally got a whiff of me and left. Deer 1, Jack 0. Hopefully this evening will be better.

:bigsmyl:   Good Luck Jack. Go get em this evening.

Keep at it Jack!  I was thinking about your yard bucks while on stand this morning and I wondered how you were doing on opening day.  I hope this evening was better.  Good luck - Shoot straight!

Jack Denbow:
This evening I hunted a ground blind I built about 3 weeks ago. I set a trail camera there and got about 60 pix in 2 weeks. I had 3 show up as I getting to leave. It was so dark I could barely see them at 15 yards. They just walked on by so I could get into the house to watch the Virginia Tech game. Deer 2, Jack 0.

I'm down by two as well Jack.  The wind spoiled the morning and a squirrel gunner interrupted the afternoon.  At least the Hokies pulled one out in the heat.....

Keep up the reports, I'm pullin' for ya.


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