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Good bow for a beginner?

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 Would be glad to let you borrow a bow to get you started. Have a 45# Shakespeare you can borrow, also some arrows if you need. You will need a stringer just to keep the limbs straight.
 I live in the Valley so if I can help let me know.

UK Bowman:
Actually, I have a 45-50# ELB that you can try out if you are looking for somthing a little primitive.

OK,well I didn't see anyone directly say that Greatree bows are not all that great but I will assume by the other replies that i should stay away.  Tom and UK Bowman, thank you so much for offering to let me use a bow. That is very generous since you don't know me. I would have accepted one of your invitations but I found a bow locally that a friend is going to let me borrow. Hopefully I can attend one of the get togethers this season but I have 3 kids and the weekends are usually for them. Thanks for all the help and I'm sure I will have more questions to come.


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