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Good bow for a beginner?

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What brand or specific bow would you suggest for someone who is just starting out? I want something that I will be able to hunt with too. I have a friend who is really into traditional bow hunting and I shot one of his recurves. I think I would be OK with a long bow too. What would you suggest for under about $250. Or do any of you VA residents have an Old bow you like to sell for $100 or less. What about arrows. It doesn't seem like you can just buy pre-fletched and pre-knocked arrows. I don't really have the money to invest in all the extra tools required for making my own arrows. If I continue in the sport I will buy all that stuff but that is a lot to buy if you are just a beginner. What would you suggest for the cheapest way to get started without having inadequate equipment? BTW I live in Louisa County. Any input would be appreciated.

I'll tell you what I was told.

Longbow vs Recurve - whichever you like best.  Try to shoot both and see which one you naturally do better at.

Draw weight - 40-50#  Don't let the low weight fool you, it's harder to shoot 40# then 70# with 65%+ letoff.  And remember, that's @ a 28" drawlength, add or subtract 3# for each inch over or under 28, respectively, your drawlength is.

It's too late to be ready for this season's hunt so try to make one of the shoots or come to one of our scheduled hunts empty handed and you'll get a chance to shoot a lot of different bows and get some first-hand advice.  You could spend the day practicing in camp or maybe shooting at squirrels.  As far as cheap bows check out your local pawn shop for an old bow.  If the limbs are not twisted and there's no visible cracks and it's in the right poundage it should be good enough to use.  I'd order a new string though.  As for arrows, it's best to find a shop that knows trad bows and ask them to help you tune.  You're most likely going to need a 2016, or weaker, arrow at the poundage you should start out at.  

Anyone else got anything to add?

Does anyone own or know anything about Greatree bows? They are the lowest priced bows in the 3 River's catalog. I like the one piece recurve better than the take down recurve is there a pro or con to either?

Ryan, You would probably be able to get a better bow used from the classifieds here. The biggest advantage a TD has over a one piece is a little extra weight and the ability to take down to fly if you hunt out of state alot. I still hunt in Buckingham Co some. I have been through Louisa a few times but never hunted there. Good Luck to Ya.

UK Bowman:
Come out to either of the two get togethers in October, you can shoot a varity of Bows and we all like to help, Hell i'm still learning and I have been at this for 4 years. Plus Ron has about 10 bows you can try  :biglaugh:


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