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What type of bow are you guys shooting?

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John Stockman:
I have two Bear takedown recurves, two Adcock longbows and a Blackhawk longbow.  I shift from bow to bow.

I agree with my good friend Jack Denbow, "A man can't have too many bows".  

John Stockman

Dave Watson:
I use an Assenheimer TD, and a Fox TD - I dont have enough money to buy all the bows John Stockman has!!

Dave Watson:
Oh, and I forgot, I can't keep up with Jack Denbow either!

UK Bowman:
Dryad Hunter, the only bow that Ron doesn't own  :bigsmyl:

Dave Stein:
UK Bowman,
Watch out for Ron this weekend. Hide you money or he'll have you buying all kinds of bows, LOL.



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