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What type of bow are you guys shooting?

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I just started shooting a recurve in April, I bought a Bob Lee Recurve,  I bought my son a 1966 Bear Kodiak, mint condition, I was really amazed when the guy said he had an old bow for sale and it turned out to be this nice.  What bows are you guys shootin.

Southwest Virginia.

Crow Creek Blackfeather takedown longbow.

Morrison takedown recurve, and as of yesterday a Crow Creek Blackfeather take-down longbow.  :D  

  Soon to be receiving a Custom Quest and a Border Black Douglas. It's like Christmas time around here. LOL

 I also shoot a Kempf Quick Styk and a Palmer Carbon Takedown... Come to think of it I shoot just about anything I can get my hands on. LOL

Jack Denbow:
Great Northern Fireball backed with timber rattler skins, 52#@28". I have several Great Northern bows, well maybe more than several. I will probably order another Ghost backed with timber rattler skins this winter. I have convinced my wife that a man cannot have too many bows. he he.

Dave Stein:
Zipper recurve (thanks to Ron putting pressure on me at the ATAR) and a Doug Witcher longbow. A couple others as well but not worth mentioning here.

I still can't hit what I'm aiming at but I sure look cool  



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