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Need a shootin" Buddy....Anybody else from theTidewater area??

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Yankee Bill:
Hi folks,

Was wondering if anyone else is from the Tidewater area? I'm in Norf. near the tri-city line for Va. Bch. / Ches. & Norf.

Would like to find some local TG'ers to meet up with. I'm trying to get back into bow shooting/hunting after a 7 year absence due to a Rotator Cuff injury which I've recently had Surgery for.

Can pull my 35# rehab bow fairly well at present, and am working up to my 45-50# range hunting bows.

Would love to hear from anyone in the area.

Best Wishes,


TTT for YB

UK Bowman:
Why not come out ot one of our hunts this year?

Dennis Scott:
Hello Yankee Bill,

Come on out to one of our traditional 3-D shoots starting in Jan 08. You will find plenty of trad shooters to hang around with. I am the president of Dixie Bowmen, and we would love to have you come shoot with us.There are several shooters that come up from your neck of the woods. Look forward to seeing you.We are located in Prince George County, and the directions are on our web site @

Dennis Scott

Yankee Bill,
I've heard nothing but GREAT things about Dixiebowmen.  I plan on attending some of their events this year.  Unfortunately, I'll be out of town for their January opener.  

However, I also live in the Tidewater area - Churchland to be exact - right where Suffolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth meet up.  I don't have a ton of extra time lately due to retirement preps, but always will try to make time for a fellow archer.  I enjoy shooting with others also.  Give me a shout -


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