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Jon Stewart:
I know this has nothing to do with hunting but I was hoping someone out there could help a couple of traditional archers find a decent  place to camp near Quantico.  Wife and I  will be out your way in August and I want to see the Marine Corps Museum. Anyone know of a nice campground please e-mail ,me at

Jon Stewart
Semper Fi

Jack Denbow:
Jon here is a place right next to Quantico. I can't tell you anything about other then I have driven past it years ago to hunt at Quantico. I don't get that way much any more.
I hope this helps you.

Dave Stein:
I live about 15 miles from there. Try Prince William Forest Park. Here is the link to the camping.

Jon Stewart:
thanks for the info on camping.  Are there any traditional shoots or knapping events  during the middle two weeks of August in Virginia or eastern Pennsylvania?

Jon stewart
Semper Fi

August the 26th a Sunday at Dixie Bowman in Va  

 Also there is one on the 18th at Fort Lee in Va.

   These are both archery shoots. I don't know of any knapping events yet.


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