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Gathright/Lake Moomaw Turkey?


Howdy all,

I am looking for info on hunting pressure around Lake Moomaw and the Gathright WMA during the spring season.  I am planning to arrow a gobbler there this April but I have never hunted there.  Does anybody know if the campgrounds are full of hunters or spring fishermen?  Are there many people hunting spring birds on the N.F or WMA around the lake?  I don't want to be running up on others and I'm looking for some undisturbed birds to chase with my bow.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Haven't spring bird hunted there but did some fall bowhunting.  Nice hardwoods there.  Should be some good bird pops there.  Scout out for openings  for mid-morning birds.

Did you end up going Forester?  How'd you do?

Hi Talondale,

Unfortunately I was unable to make the trip happen.  I spent a few days scouting and it looked promising.  After speaking with a few local folks and some USACE and USFS personnel I had a few potential hot spots lined up.  My wife and I spent a day hiking in the hunting/camping area prior to the season-we saw turkeys, deer, squirrel and eagles on a nest.  There were a few friends planning to attend and we had quite the plan.  I suspect it would have been an awesome trip but the unfortunate events at VPI shut down the whole season for me.  So I still do not know the level of hunting pressure immediately around the lake.  Hopefully we have just been postponed until next spring and I will have a better report then.

I tried several public land areas near me and these birds just skunked me.  Much more cagey than the birds on our farm out east.  Didn't hear much gobbling this year either.


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