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Sherwood Archers will be holding the Sherwood Traditional Archers Rendezvous or S.T.A.R. shoot on June 16 & 17 in Roanoke, Va. We will have a 28 target field course set up, 14 target animal round, 30 target 3-D course and 10 target toughman course.  We will also have numerous side/novelty shoots set up.  We will be holding a bow raffle for a Hummingbird custom bow and will also be having a bow give away.  We are working out a deal with a couple of local hotels for a group rate and food and drinks will be available for purchase at the shoot.  We are already putting a lot of work into this shoot and hope that everyone that shows up has a great time and "shoot till your fingers blister". We will have enough going on to keep you shooting all day long. I will have more information available and our flyer ready in the next week or two and will post it then.

Sounds good. My son and I shoot your course last year and was impressed. Looking forward to it.

Flathead Willie:
I went down there last Saturday and met Marie and Roy and a few others. They showed me around. It's real nice there. I have my application all filled out and I'll be sending it in soon. My drummer showed me his Hummingbird Sunday. That's a real nice bow.   :archer:

I have never been to Sherwood Archers. Where is the range located? I think I'll be able to make this shoot.

Jeff Mundy:
Big Ron, we're located just outside of Salem & Roanoke. I think Randy is going to have directions on the flier. Hope you can make it down.


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