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Am going to try to get a Trad only rabbit hunt in January if there is enough interest. Will be in Rockingham County- in the Shanandoah Valley, near Harrisonburg.
 Also will Ask Bowhunters of Rockingham if I can help sponsor a TRAD only 3d at their facilities. Proceeds will go to club. Again, this will only happen if there is interest AND if the club approves. Having been a member in good stnding for over 20 years I might be able to make it happen. Thinking of 30 target 3d course in realistic hunting conditions at TRAD ranges. Would happen in May, if there is the interest.
 Let me know what you think. Thanks, Tom

I'd be interested in both.

Ron, glad to hear a positive. Will keep this item up for awhile to hear from others.


Dave Stein:
Count me in for both as well. Sure sounds like fun. I got hooked real bad at the ATAR.


I'd be intereseted in both too.


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