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Welcome to Virginia

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Dave Stein:
Please join me in making this a wonderful place to discuss traditional bow shooting and hunting in the commonwealth of Virginia.

If you know of any upcoming shoots please post to get the word out.

Also if you want to get Virginians together for some good old hunting start typing.

If I can be of any assistance don't hesitate to PM me with your questions.

Dave Stein

String Cutter:
There are alot of people here from Va. Should keep ya pretty busy Dave.  

knife river:
Hi, Dave-  Thanks for getting this forum started.  Hope we put it to good use.  Killdeer and I (and my kids and hopefully, her husband)will get together to shoot at the Fort Belvoir range this Sunday about noon.  If more folks could come it'd be great!  Ought to be a fine day to walk in those beech woods and fling arrows.

Dave Stein:
String Cutter & Knife River,
Thanks for your inputs. Hope to see ya'll around the targets.


Hello Dave, Thanks again for the forum, I just found it today. Hope to visit often.


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