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Loss of a Warrior and Traditional Archer

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Al Dente:
So sorry for your loss.  You honor Russ, and I know that you will honor your pledge to him.  I shall send an arrow into the woods with his name on it next time I see the treeline.  May God rest his soul, and give his family the strength that they need.  Heroes never die, until they are forgotten.

Sam McMichael:
Very sorry for the loss of your friend. Prayers are offered.

My condolences on the loss of your friend.

  I am also so sorry for your lost of a dear friend and sending prayers to his family as well.
I want to Thank you and your friend for your service to our Country as well.
  May the peace of the wilderness be your escape as you reflect on your good friend.

hawkeye n pa:
My condolences, nice tribute.  RIP  Mr. Coffey


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