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Missing fisherman


There is a missing fisherman here in SC , he went trout fishing last Friday and hasn’t been heard from since. He didn’t tell anyone where he was going but his car was found near the Chatooga river in northwest SC. Very rugged area of Deliverence fame. Please pray for this man and his family. I know lots of us are older and I personally head off hunting and no one knows where I’m headed. I need to change that , if not for myself for my family and loved ones.

Praise report. This man has been found and is alive. They were sending in medical teams to see him. I don’t at this time know what may have happened to him, or his condition, Thanks for any prayers and keep praying.   :clapper:

Good to hear he is at least alive.  Keep us posted Mike.

Always a good idea to let someone know were you plan to go and approximate return time.  My folks drilled that into my head.
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