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Cloverdale is OUT for Me Again This Year

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V I Archer:
Having children scares me more than anything, and I aspire to hunting grizzly bear with my longbow.  You can only show a person the paths available to them in life, you cannot choose the path for them.  Sometimes people choose bewildering detours, but a good percentage of the time, they come back, it may just be a long detour.  Keep the faith, but stand your ground!  It is YOUR house afterall.

Bill,   I think that ALL these guys on here got it right! Being a teen aged daughter myself at one time...I do know what she feels to a point.

I did have my mom to help raise me and to tell you the truth, I was just as rebellious. I grew up here in the inner city and learned very early about the evils waiting to influence and the peer pressure is almost unavoidable. My dad had worked so many jobs to make ends meet and with 6 of us kids, it was tough on my mom to try and handle us alone all day. God bless you single parents who are battling this alone.

My dad (after these years & who now has since passed) has felt he failed us many times because of our bad decisions in our lives.
But it was'nt his fault for this. We do choose for ourselves and I truly believe that your positive influence (like my dad's to me), will be something that she will truly appreciate and hold onto when she comes to those times in her life. Now that she is at the age to legally make her own decisions, it will only be for a time (this 18, I'm an adult now) and the reality of adulthood will set in where she will start to understand what it is. So while she is going through this now, stay firm and be her dad no matter what because being dad will never lose...and I am praying that you find a good counselor that will help in this uphill battle.

I truly appreciate you for not giving up on her and pray that you stay firm with her on her attitude and decisions. You can be a friend to her but you are her dad first and she will love you for it always even though it does'nt seem that way now. I know this first hand.

This goes for all you dads out there, you are doing the right thing in raising your daughters with love, kindness and understanding but most of all, love. They will have no need in finding it somewhere else.


Bill, I know a lot of folks going through the very same situation right now. Just remember this, you have to pick your battles to win the war, especially with teenagers!
Let her know your concerns but also that you will be there to help her when things don't turn out the way she wants. Tough love is a good thing but love is the key word.
Hope you enjoyed Cliff's book! Take care and keep the faith!


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