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Cloverdale is OUT for Me Again This Year

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I have just Graduated from High School an 18 y.o. Daughter,Last Weekend, that I am Very Proud of.
  There are some Major Disappointments with Her right now with the "I Am 18, and I will DO as I Da_n Well Please" kinda thing. I am Completely Helpless to DO anything, becase she IS 18.
    Yup, You guessed it, a "Boy" is involved, a Convicted Meth User and general LOSER. He has done his time and his House Arrest, but I dont want him IN my House. I dont have Much, but what I have is MINE! Ya Know?
     I Apologize for "Dumping" my Problems here, but Right now, Y'all are Family to Me, and I am Curious if I am Alone in ths UpHill Battle, or Not.   :help:  
      How can they BE of AGE, and Act like they are 12?? Its Beyond Me.
         Thank You ALL For Your Invites to the Doin's at Cloverdale, I Apologize to One and ALL that I wont be there.

If you need to talk over some ideas shakes, you can PM me if you like. I was a correctional officer for a while and a councilor for those types and worse. I might be able to give you some strategies for dealing with the situation.

Tom Leemans:
Take care of the family first bud.

Like Carroll o'conner says on t.v. get between them any way you can..they will love you for it later...

Give her an option go to Cloverdal or move out!
Let her be around the good kind of people, if you don't have a firm fist now the crack head will ruin her


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