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Doc Nock:
Over the past 2 or so years, many here have uplifted their voices to pray for my dad's health and it' has kept me strong.

When Mom died last March, many of you were there on and off-line and the support was felt and the power of prayer kept me centered.

Once again, I ask for Dad to be kept in prayer.  This one is more painful than standard health issues, which are devastating in themselves.

Dad has succumbed to these Sweepstake scams and has sent out considerable amounts over the past 8 months in "subscription" fees, but it was from his spending money.

Now they got serious and he's made serious mistakes, lied to all of us, sent off considerable sums, given private information..forcing me to have to turn to outside legal help.

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do and it could drive a wedge between my Father and I, but he will be left penniless and financially ruined if I don't take this action. My soul aches to see him so changed and go from the sweetest God-fearing man I've known to a vengeful and lying, mean-spirited person in a few short weeks... and hell-bent on destroying his financial security.--all for the promise of a million dollar prize!   :(  

He doesn't have much and I can't bail him out when he loses it all, but he will resent my efforts and I fear it will be a rift that won't heal.  he's just not able to make wise choices now...and left them to me until this...

Lord, in your mercy...

Man Doc that is a tough one, but we both know nothing is to tough for our God, so that is where I will go with this request.  God bless you and give you peace and joy!

Brother Dave

More prayers will be sent from Georgia.

In HIS service

Doc Nock:
Thanks, Guys! I know many will offer strength and prayers... and God will provide.  Dont' know what lies ahead. Just finally felt a need to reach out to this "family".  Mine seems to be shrinking pretty fast...  :(

Our Lord, Dave, I am so sorry to hear of this turn of events in your recent beleaugered life. May your faith keep you strong and may your father return back closer to his former self. My heart and prayers go out to the both of you. Thank God for folks like Ruthie, and our friend Carl, in your life.


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