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prayer for a friend

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A dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and I wish to add this to our prayer site if possible.

Bob was diagnosed a couple of months ago and has been suffering from the pain tremendously.  He is a dear friend and a traditional hunter to boot.  Bob is also a teacher. He has assisted me in many an endeavor in the past especially in the area of getting aquainted with bow hunting.

I figure, if we all ban together and honestly prayer to the good lord, that GOD will ease the pain until the end.  I as one man alone can only attempt a feet like this, but all of us together can move a muntain.

Please help me.

Doc Nock:

You're a good friend...and of course, I will add my voice and prayers to God that he will ease Bob's pain...and I pray that Bob will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit so that he knows the peace that passes all understanding.

Prayers sent for Bob.

God Bless

I will also agree in prayer for Gods healing hand of grace and mercy to touch Bob and to bless you! In His great name Jesus we will pray!

Prayers will be sent from Georgia.

In HIS service


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