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Anybody Out There?


So I'm just trying to put a feeler out and see what's up with Louisiana traditional bowmen or any other Louisiana organizations.

I just joined lfaa and hope to do some tourneys with them. But I would like to know more about LTB. I tried emailing Stephen raggio since he's out of Lafayette, but I got no response. Any members here can shed some light for me? Anything out there planned for this year? Where's the base camp for this club? Any help or info would be pretty cool.


Possum Head:
Not a member but checked in here to see the date for the Real Thing. Many Louisiana bowmen shoot on over to Mcalla Al. for the Pre Spring Arra Fling in Febuary.

Thanks Possum!
Doesn't look too busy in here. Haha

Hi exile, LTB has it’s events coming up. The North vs South Fun Shoot is in March the 10-11th at CenLa Bowbenders range north of Alexandria. Then in May on the 5-6th we will have the Sterling Harrell Memorial. It Louisiana’s State longbow championship. It will be posted on our website, check it out, You can email me though the site, Mike.

Welcome to the forum! I am a member of Louisiana Traditional Bowmen but I don’t hang out on this forum as often as I would like since I have 3 small kids. Heck I don’t shoot my longbow as often as I would like either. The state championship is coming up May 5-6th. You should check it out.

Also, I see you are from Opelousas. I just moved to Carencro.

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