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Recurve slapping wrist..issue

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Hello everyone, have a buddy who for some reason keeps slapping his forearm with string,not heavy but still.. brace height of bow is good he doesn't seem to grip bow hard or turn wrist into string. Myself I never hit my arm with my recurve or any recurve for that matter. I actually have bigger forearms than he does I can't see why he has this issue. Just curious to see if anyone has any ideas what would cause this. Thanks

Arm guard.

First teach correct bow grip, and if that doesn't work, then like Pine so eloquently said: arm guard.  A lot of people would no more shoot a bow without an armguard than they would shoot one without their tab or glove.

Wild Bill MCP 808:
More than likely a grip or hand placement issue, some who have this issue also turn their wrist somehow which can cause the string to hit. Work on those twothat should correct the problem

Almost impossible to tell without watching your friend shoot.

For me, when I start hitting my arm I am starting to drift out of alignment. I end up with a non-linear string path (outside - in) that slaps my arm.


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