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Hey guys, long time creeper first time poster. I’ve been shooting trad for about 3 months now. I love it! Way funnier and challenging than shooting my compound. I’ve been trying to practice as much as I can. I am wanting to try to hunt this fall and possibly take a dough with my trad bow. My bow is a Sanlida Royal x8 60” recurve. 40# at 28”, Best I can figure I am around 28.5” or 29” draw. The bow came with some 500 spine arrows. I want to buy some better arrows, I plan on shooting about a 30 inch arrow, From the groove to the insert. And I plan on running a 100 grain brass insert with either a 150 grain or 200 grain broadhead. What Aeros would put me in the ballpark? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I also plan on my arrow being anywhere between 500 to 550 grains if that helps.

Welcome to the BEST place on the net for your new addiction!!! Im drawing 30" on a 40# putting me about 45-46#at the fingers.. I'm shooting 32" carbon length arrows with 170gr weight up front and it took 400 spine for me to run a long arrow the way I like. I might be able to eeeek out 200gr but I'd have a pretty short margin to the arrow hitting the shelf then..and I like my 25yd point on and a shorter arrow would change that also.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not really too much set on running them full length. I’ve got a few old 500 spine arrows laying around and I might try one of them with a 250 grain field tip.

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