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First of Firsts season 2023


After many seasons behind a rifle and with a compound. While shooting with my 3 year old at the local range a block from our house, when her attention would dwindle while shooting her bow she would pick up the colors and I would pick up a Fred Bear Grizzly one of the other archers left there for me to shoot in the winter of 2022. I worked on honing the skill with a recurve. It was different and enjoyable. I had spent many years hunting with a compound and shooting 3D competitively. I decided as my groups closed and was starting to become more proficient I would jump head first and order a custom Toelke Chinook from Dan Toelke. Based on the recommendations from a guy from my province with a ton of traditional knowledge. Dan built me a 58" Chinook #46 @28" with a 10x grip. I readied for the season tuning and building arrows. I settled on 400 spine Easton axis 5mm cut at 29.5" with 75 hit insert 125 gr ironwill head.

I would hunt with the recurve for my whole season success or no success would do it.

Success came during our local rifle season on a moose Tag I had drawn.i harvested my first bull moose for myself. My first kill with a trad bow.

Followed 10 min later I took a coyote from the same stand

2 weeks later I harvested a 153" whitetail buck with my trad bow.

Looking forward to what the future of the tradbow holds for me!

Wow, that is one heck of a first season and congratulations to you on the success and the dedication to getting it done with the single string!

Outstanding all the way around!   :clapper:

Thanks Supernaut, the process of it all was a ton of fun. Have some big goals this upcoming season. Make some more firsts happen!

Great attitude, love it!     :shaka:


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