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First year success


First year hunting with a traditional bow. Never looking back!

This is actually my second deer, I got one a few weeks earlier but didn't get a good picture because it was warm out.

Taken the second d if November on Game Lands in PA. With #53 Chises New Breed, Doug Fir arrows and ace standards.

Way to go sir! There is nothing like it!  Traditional bowhunting can be the most frustrating and the most fulfilling way to hunt all in the same day! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Definitely! It's funny all the signs were pointing more towards traditional archery and it wasn't even like on my radar. All of my archery kills previously were inside 25 yards, I learned to shoot as a kid on my uncles old k mag, I took my first deer using fingers on a really old compound back in 2008.

Then last year I got my hands on a red wing hunter and then ordered a custom and sold my compound. I feel cheated for no one smacking me and pointing me at all the tradional signs years ago!


Congrats on a great season.


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