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Ohio supermag buck

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First time I took my new 55# supermag out hunting!  Not a monster rack but I can’t let 3.5 year olds walk when Trad bow hunting. I am a huge fan of the quietness, speed and maneuverability of the supermag, glad I bought it. Good luck all!

Very nice harvest....Congrats!

Congratulations on a fine buck.

Great Job! I wholeheartedly agree with the Supermag being ideal for my needs also! I have two, A 40# and a 48# that I've been hunting with this year. I've been out roughly 15 hunts so far, had two close calls whilst creeping down through thick areas. Almost got run over twice...first one stopped short and spun at about 6yds diving back into the draw and another I got to half draw but at 10ft still at speed it jump\ turned into brush and was gone..both were bucks and left me grinning and adrenaline pumped! My daughter and I have made it out 5-6 times but so far nothing close enough for her..she's 9 and shooting the only lefty I could find her an old Bear Ranger..62" is a nice shooter but really a challenge corner in the woods..I've been on the lookout for a Lefty Supermag in 35-40# for her.

Nice buck!  Congratulations sir! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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