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These are 10 wood arrows that were made by a company that used to make arrows for Black Widow.  If you look close, you can see the Black Widow name and spider on the side of the arrows.  I think the name of the company that made them may have been something like “Arrow Art.”  Some have been shot, some have never been shot.  Since there are only 10 left, I assume that I must have broken or lost two of them.  They spine out at 90#, and are 28” from valley of nock to BOP.  Based on Black Widow's arrow chart, they were the correct spine to use in my 65# MA.  Believe it or not, I could actually shoot that bow 30 years ago!  I had the arrows cut shorter than I usually do so I could use the broadhead touching my index finger as a draw check, like Howard Hill did.  Anyway, the arrows didn't work out for me, but they were beautifully made, and have been sitting in my orphan arrow bucket for all these years waiting for someone who appreciates them to make a contribution to St. Jude’s.

I'll pay shipping charges up to $25.

Terry Green:
Wish they were 29"s as 28s are too short.... but what the heck. $10 to move them up top,,,


Jim Brennen:

$30, I have a couple heavy bows.


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