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People tend to overthink or overcomplicate what instinctive shooting is and how it works, but if done correctly (or maybe more appropriately stated, if done 'instinctively') you really aren't aiming the arrow, you are pointing it.  The how part is sort of like splitting firewood.  If you're trying to aim your axe then you're doing it wrong, lol.

Well I can sympathize with the garage shooting! Last winter and early spring I clocked about 10,000 shots with a single arrow in my 1 car garage..and I hope what I tell you don't do any harm..for me inside the tight confines of the garage I found a very unconventional floating release to give me the (in the last hole accuracy) that I couldn't seem to achieve with a cheek anchor. I just drew to a floating point out in space about an inch off of my cheek and only then could achieve the close range pinpoint grin with regularity! I attribute this to the arrow climbing to my intended point out to the apex of the arrows flight when at further distances..inside the garage I struggled greatly to get what I wanted with a conventional anchor..over the past year I've run quite the gauntlet of angst over many aspects of the struggle. I tried split finger off and on but now exclusivly shoot 3under with a thick Cordovan tab..and really have found my stride with canting the bow.. I also have a weird way of getting left and right correction on the target...I may get reprimanded for this now..but if I am getting left hits..I add twist..and if I'm getting right hits..I take out twist..maybe only 1\2 twist at a time..and cold weather= Less twist and warm = more..I really don't accept poor arrow flight..and when I get the perfect flight..accuracy follows? Do not be afraid to twist or untwist..A lot. And another thing I will say is this..being able to screw your nock points up and down the string is absolutely key to getting clean shelf clearance. I need the arrow to have a nock point above AND below it..or I get random suprise arrow hops. Take what you will..and leave what you don't find to work for you..we are all individual and have varying needs for sure..don't be afraid to experiment.

   Great info Joel ! I’m gonna give the cant a try for sure . Thanks !
Another week of cold , and then it will be outside for me .

Terry Green:
I've described it here many times, I aim before I even draw the bow.  I bring the equipment to my line of sight and in a flash the arrow is gone.

As far as cant, there's no telling how many cant angles I killed animals with, including reverse cant, and the pretzel shot as described by a hunter on a pheasant hunt.


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