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Hal Hartness:
Well folks few here will remember this old hound but was around fer the trad gang start up. yep been a while and then some. Thought Id get back on here say hi to some of them young guys I knowed what has got old. Hi guys. Been so long I can remember when RC had hair. Sorry bro fer that will proudly bend over and let ya kick my butt. Remember a few days at horse creek, great guy great hunter shot fair to. Ifin I had known you were going to be a movie star id been better to ya. lol Love ya in the Lord bud.
Well I got lost bunch of years, Had a hurt right shoulder that stopped any bow pullin.  Them docs had bad rotor cup, and some of them bow friends said we told ya pulling 85 lb at 32 would bit ya in the butt big boy. They might want to read the ending of the book of Job, hehe
Well life went on, few year back doc told me I had type 2 beties. Yep finger were going to fall off, nose ect. My daughter a master in nurse,in said same thing.
Well first thing I did was ask the Good Lord to forgive me from glutny. Ask If he could heal me please. Help me change anything in my life needing changing.
Well I sated learning about that stuff and was guided to some thing to help. Doc told me I would just get worse, no coming back. Not hear for pray but to let you know what went on. I learned to short term fast, keep exirsize,in Low card eating. and Low and behold. I cured, Have not been a type 2 for 3 years now. Had normal aic more than 3 year. Doc admits to being wrong another miricle lol. Oh you job buddies My shoulder was sugar to. Now shooting my old bow with same draw and pounds. Hope to go to a shoot or 2 this year.  Well thats it turning 70 in april, walk 3.5 miles a day ect, draw 85 32 and still hit somewhere in the area i looks at, lol
Guys dont give up Life is a wonder,us gift.
Merry Jesus Day
I lift one up to the Lord for all those pray request
aka Dovefart

Hi Hal. I dont remember you but I like the way think! God bless and welcome back

Al Dente:
God Bless Ya, and prayers for your continued successes in health and life.


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