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Terry Green:
We haven't added anyone to the Legends and Pioneers since we started in 2003. Well I have chatted with many close friends of Ron and decided he should be added.

I'm going to let Ray Lyon tell you what all Ron did for Traditional Bowhunting as I know I will forget something.  If I have something to add after Ray posts, I'll certainly do so.

Ray and Roger, are going to be posting some articles and videos, and anyone else can share a Ron story if they would like....

Here's a quote from Ron.... "I'm going to hunt till they throw dirt in my face" and so he did.

I really miss our morning coffee together on Tradgang, as that was how he started his morning if he wasn't hunting.  I also will miss him 'rating' the cigars I use to send him, and of course our many phone call.

I was very fortunate to visit his shop along my business travels, that sure was a treat.

God Speed Ron. And save us all some critters up there would ya?  :campfire:

 :clapper: :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

Terry Green:

Ray Lyon:

Here’s a look inside The deer camp Ron started and it became known as Shrewhaven Lodge.  I’ll post more articles and historical info about Ron shortly. 


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