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Roger Norris:
I try and bring the least gear that I can. 99% of my hunts are park the truck and walk in less than a mile...usually MUCH less than a mile.

I laugh at myself every year. On day one, I have a pretty good assortment of things I absolutely need. By mid season that list is cut by 3/4.

Here is what I absolutely leave the truck with:

hand held light
Pocket or belt knife
Leatherman (mainly for the small excellent saw)
Means of sharpening knife and broadheads (usually a small file with on smooth edge)
10 feet of parachute cord
A Bic style lighter
Quick Clot
CAT T Tourniquet (bleeding to death 500 yards from the truck seems like a stupid way to die)
Cell Phone (cell phones are now emergency security, navigation assist....I love ONX Hunt...and camera)

Most of this stuff fits into my pockets.

That's it. I also do carry a pistol everywhere, but instead of my daily carry 1911 I usually switch to a small J Frame .357 while hunting. I have zero fear of 4 legged critters, I carry in the woods for the same reason I carry in town.

I keep a tracking bag back in the truck. I keep it there for a reason. I have a bad habit of getting on a blood trail too soon. If my tracking kit is in the truck, I force myself a walk back, slow down, etc.

In my tracking bag:

A really nice flashlight a buddy built for me, with extra batteries and bulb.
Another headlamp
Flagging tape
Drag rope
A small pulley with rope (I might hoist a deer into a tree and leave it over night)

That's pretty much it. Obviously, sometimes a more complex trip requires more gear, but I try hard NOT to haul everything I own into the woods :archer:


Great list. I would add some deet and my canteen where I hunt.

Do you run both headlamp and handheld light just incase(Thinking if I should just throw my normal light in the backpack, been mostly running only headlamp+ spare battery for it).


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