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The wild story post got me thinking…


The wild story that Terry Green posted about the broadhead in the pigs head brought back a Nam memory. So here’s my story. We were on a day patrol off hill 22 area. My boot camp buddy Ned was walking point across dry rice paddies. He went through a bamboo hedge line and was confronted by a water Buffalo who proceeded to charge him. Well Ned had his M-14 on full auto and let off a short burst. Then another. That knocked it down but not out. I was carrying the M-60 and was tasked to finish it off. Afterwards we were inspecting it looking for Ned’s hits. Well one was right between the eyes, a small spot of blood, no penetration! After that I steered way clear of those animals when I could.

A few years back a friend shot a nice hog in the head straight on right between the eyes with his 270. Dropped right there. He climbed down and walked over, leaned his rifle on a close by tree and pulled out his skinning knife and...dang pig jumped up and ran off. Hard heads for sure.


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