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RIP "Doc Nock" ~ Dave Landis

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Rob DiStefano:
His great suffering is over, Dave passed earlier today while in Hospice care.

Dave will be cremated and Pastor Carl will honor Dave's wish to have his ashes scattered unto the woods and streams he loved so much.

Gone, but absolutely not forgotten.  Dave has gone home to the Lord. 

I just tried to think on him, and could not find him. I knew he was gone. He has found his home. Thank you, for keeping in touch and keeping track.


  Thank you So much for letting us know .Doc Nock is finally Pain free and I told my wife today I just had this feeling he would be going “Home” soon.
  He was a true Prayer Warrior and a friend I will miss much.
My heart aches right now but know his battle of cancer which Dave fault for about 3 years has come to and end as Jesus came and carried him Home.
      “You kept the Son In Your Eyes Doc Nock” and we shall do the same .Rest in  for ever peace my brother in Christ Jesus !
     Keefers <‘)))><

Al Dente:
Dave "Doc Nock" Landis, you were truly a prayer warrior and a warrior for Christ.  The World is less without you here.  May God rest your soul.  Saint Pio, grant an intercession and assist our brother on his final journey, into the loving embrace in our Lord's Kingdom.  You will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

Thanks Rob.
I will surely miss his quippy replies on threads! 

David, you are home now.  RIP.


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