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Bob and Doug's Excellent Moose Adventure Now Colorado Elk


This is the opening post for the moose hunt I'm going on in September with my good buddy, Doug.  We are old former members of Appalachian Bowmen of Sussex County, NJ.  Any advice or comments would be appreciated, as this is our first moose hunt.
Our destination is lower Quebec. We are going the last full week of September.
Currently there is a travel ban from the US.  If it doesn't open up by then, we will scramble for a US hunt.
Doug will chime in later, but here's a start on my equipment:
Wing Presentation 1 takedown circa 1996, 62", 54# @ 28" so about 59# at 30" draw. Brush buttons and string silencers. Low nockset near bottom of serving for string-walking at 20 yards. Small cobra stabilizer. Shelf rest slightly raised. Saunders arrow-holder. Trying an angled bubble level for now.  And as a former clicker\target shooter, an interesting added button which helps getting to the bullseye.
More to follow.
Happy to accept any advice on hunting techniques\gear\etc.

Got my moose call. Got my VPA 250 grain broadheads.
But the Canada border is now closed thru September 21st!
Plan B: Colorado Elk @ southern border of NM. 
Anyone else hunting out there September?


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