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Hunting while serving

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The only place states side I was stationed was 29 palms and I got screwed with schools battalion.  Poor me.   Ha!  I don't know how many long lunches I took hunting dove. I would drive out the gate and pull over.  Doves and quali everywhere!  Plenty of trips hunting desert mules too, all around  29 palms,  lake arrow head, big bear, above palm springs. That was great I even went to lom pic I think an air force base and huntied wild boar. Put in for but was never drawn for elk and sheep.  Those where the days.

I grew up duck hunting and rifle hunting deer in Louisiana. It wasn't until I got stationed at Altus AFB, OK that I picked up bow (compound) hunting. I wasn't very successful but I had a blast and learned a lot.

The only time I had to hunt was at Ft. Hood in the last couple of months before ETS in 1974.  Went sheep hunting once.  Also, III Corps put on an archery tournament shortly before I got out. I took 3rd place shooting a 65# recurve.

I was able to hunt in Germany while stationed over there. It was a wonderful experience.

Spent my first year going through training and MOS schools, then four years all around the Pacific, stationed in Iwakuni.  I did some fishing in Pensacola, Japan, Wake Island, and Alaska, but no hunting other than on leave to Virginia.  But man, did I see a lot of moose in Alaska, plus some other critters, however it just wasn't in the cards to hunt.  Then theres an island near 'kuni with tame deer everywhere, the sika like we have in Maryland's Eastern Shore.  They're protected there, so all you can do is pet them, feed them deer cookies, and don't let them dig through your pockets because they will eat your ferry ticket.  I regret not getting outdoors more in all the countries I visited, instead of all the bars and other "establishments", but I had a damn good time.  I figure I'll have more opportunity to hunt in the future than opportunities to do all the traveling I did


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